Photos On Cavafy

"Dimitri Yeros's Cavafy-inspired images offer us both food for thought as well as a moving aesthetic experience. Each photograph is a carefully composed beautifully crisp black and white rendering, filled with details. The images are varied-some celebrate the nude male body, others a chance erotic encounter, still others the interior of a workshop, a sensuous landscape, or a moving view of a country village and its men. The viewer is invited to contemplate the links between poetry and art, to question why each image was selected, and to consider how the two artistic forms intertwine and resonate. Cavafy once wrote that "Art knows how to shape forms of Beauty, / almost imperceptibly, completing life ". Dimitris Yeros has indeed brought us an art that helps complete life."

Lauren E. Talalay
Acting Director and Associate Curator,
Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan.





For some people there comes a day
when they are obliged to say either Yes
or No. It is immediately clear who has
the Yes ready within, and saying it proceeds

along his path of honor and conviction.
Refusing, the other has no regrets. If asked again,
he would still say no. And yet he is beset
by that no - the right one - throughout his life.
Theory of the Nude B/W, 112p, 31x25cm, duotone + varnish, hard cover, $50 included postage.
For a definition of the NUDE Colour and B/W, 48p, 28x24cm, hard cover, US $45 included postage.
Periorasis B/W, 80p, 33x25cm, duotone + varnish, paper cover, US $35 included postage.
shades_thmb Shades Of Love 170 large pages, 31x26 cm, thick cloth binding and a dust jacket. €60 + postage
Another Narcissus Book by Dimitris Yeros Another Narcissus cloth-bound 44-page book, in a 11”x8.25” format. US$ 25,00