On November 27th, 2015, the Barranquilla Museum of Modern Art, Colombia,  will exhibit 40 large-sized photographs taken by Dimitris Yeros during his meetings with Gabriel García Márquez. Most of them have been published in his book, but there some unpublished photographs will also be on display. The exhibition will continue until February 23rd and is destined to be one of the major events in honor of the great writer.


    Museo de Arte Moderno de Barranquilla



    It is worth noting that Gabriel García Márquez spent a few years of his youth in Barranquilla and was a member of the Barranquilla Group—a group of writers, journalists, and philosophers who congregated in the Colombian city in the middle of the twentieth century, turning it into one of the most productive intellectual and literary communities of the period.

    On December 8thP G Fine Arts in Mexico City will present the book and have some of its photographs on display.



    Dimitris Yeros


    Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Published by Kerber Photo Art

    Dimitris Yeros possesses a collection of enough very beautiful images to constitute the material for an interesting and original large-size book of 136 pages, 24x30cm, with hard cover and dust jacket. This book is a photographic document, a fitting tribute to García Márquez, seeing that he has captured him in some of the most beautiful moments of his last years. The book will also be a source of useful information to the readers and admirers of his work, in the hope that it will give them some insight into his personality.

    “This book is fascinating because it shows us aspects of one of the greatest writers of our age. Each likeness is subtly different. Each is an avatar of a complex personality – complex enough to hide in plain sight. One might even go so far as to say that each is a loving betrayal.

    I am quite sure that those who turn these pages will find themselves looking at them, not once, but repeatedly. The point about Magic Realism in literature is that it seeks to present not just outer reality, but the operation of some kind of inner realm, linked to reality but somehow transcending it.

    That is what these portraits do here, thanks to the magic of the lens.”

    Edward Lucie-Smith


    Greek antiquities from the Louvre and Dimitris Yeros’s  photographs at Mexico City’s Museo 


    From 28 January the Museo Nacional de Antropología (MNA) in Mexico City is hosting the gala exhibition “Keramiká. Materia divina de la Antigua Grecia”.

    The one hundred or so exhibits, all of them older than two thousand years , come exclusively from the Louvre Museum collection.

    The entrance of the museum is dominated by some gigantic black and white photographs of Greek archaeological sites taken by Dimitris Yeros.

    Using these photographs the museum personnel have created impressive frescoes depicting the lands where the ancient artifacts originated. 

    The exhibition , one of the most important current cultural events in Mexico, will run until April 27 and subsequently move to Oaxaca’s Santo Domingo Cultural Center.




    The Greek Publishers' Association has picked Dimitris Yeros's painting "The Poet" to promote the 42nd Athens Book Festival taking place in Pedion Areos from 6 to 22 September 2013.


    A group of teachers and students from the Photography Department of the New Hampshire Institute of Art were in Athens for educational purposes in June 2013, headed by the Department’s chairperson Gary Samson. They visited Dimitris Yeros’s studio and spent several hours there, viewing and studying his photographs and paintings from up close, discussing details of his work and listening to his views.





    The book Shades of Love, with photographs of Dimitris Yeros is in the shortlist of top ten books honoured by the American Library Association’s Over the Rainbow Books.

    Separate from the Stonewall Book Awards, the American Library Association's GLBT Round Table annually honors a few dozen titles as "Over the Rainbow Books." This year's Top Ten, after the jump, are eight familiar titles and two surprises: Issy Festing's  Nagpur novel The Bird Keeper [Kindle] and the coffee table book Shades of Love: Photographs Inspired by the Poems of C. P. Cavafy with photos by Dimitris Yeros, foreword by Edward Albee, an introduction by John Wood  and a new translations by David Connolly. Two of the ten are graphic books, including Howard Cruse's groundbreaking The Complete Wendel.

    Their longlist of 74 books includes fiction by Tove Jansson, Colm Tóibín, Matthew Gallaway, Daniel Allen Cox, Bob Smith, Armistead Maupin, Kathleen Winter, Jameson Currier, Tomas Mournian, and Ralph Sassone. An even greater pleasure is finding the unexpected here too, like Rose Tremain's novel of two pairs of adult siblings in southern France, Trespass [Kindle], Heather Newton's  North Carolina novel Under the Mercy Trees [Kindle], Tony O'Neill's  Hollywood noir Sick City [Kindle], J.A. Pitts' present-day Pacific Northwest magic novel Honeyed Words [Kindle], Vicki Weaver's novel about Billie Girl "raised by two women who are brothers," and Andre Carl Van der Merwe's South African novel set during the Angola Bush War, Moffie [Kindle], from the always-reliable Europa Editions.

    Among the list's anthologies and short fiction collections is Alex Jeffers' The Abode of Bliss [Kindle], a ten-story cycle told in the sometimes credible, sometimes forced voice of a Turkish student at Harvard. This is a double leap as Jeffers says he's never been to Turkey, but the heartfelt stories are nicely crafted and generous with details. An authentic queer hyphenate experience is found in West Virginia-born Rahul Mehta's fiction of Indian-Americans, Quarantine [Kindle], one of the list's Top Ten. For the other nine...

    The ALA "Over the Rainbow Books" Top Ten
    Michael Alenyikov, Ivan and Misha
    Michael Bronski, A Queer History of the United States
    Ivan Coyote (ed.), Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme
    Howard Cruse, The Complete Wendel
    Issy Festing, The Bird Keeper
    Alan Hollinghurst, The Stranger's Child
    Rahul Mehta, Quarantine
    Ilike Merey, a + e 4ever
    Lucia Puenzo, The Fish Child
    Dimitris Yeros et al., Shades of Love: Photographs Inspired by the Poems of C. P. Cavafy

    Return to Arcadia


    Holden Luntz Gallery

    256 Worth Avenue. Palm Beach, Florida 33480

    January 29th – February 25th, 2011


    Dimitris Yeros
    Shades of Love


    Photographs and Videos
    On C. P. Cavafy’s Poems


    1 – 31 December 2010


    Piraeus 206, Tavros, Athens 11778, tel: 210-3418550

    Open Daily 18:00 – 22:00

    Unique to Yeros’s vision is that his creative process is often like a poet’s. Certainly no contemporary photographer is more “poetic”.

    John Wood, from the Introduction

    An arresting fusion of poetry and visual art, Shades of Love takes its inspiration from one of Greece’s greatest writers: Constantine P. Cavafy.  Dimitris Yeros has produced nearly seventy photographic illustrations which bring out every nuance of Cavafy’s writing-with romance, intrigue, humor, despair and eroticism each playing a part.

    Yeros has long admired Cavafy’s poems, calling him “the greatest Greek poet since antiquity”. The photographs in Shades of Love were taken over several years in which Yeros worked with models from a group of, as he puts it, “friends and acquaintances whose life or work was somehow connected with Cavafy”. Among Yeros’s models are prominent members of the artistic community such as Jeff Koons, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gore Vidal, Tom Wesselmann and Clive Barker – these notable names springing from the idea to use “people from the world of letters and the arts…who knew and admired Cavafy’s poetry”. They are joined by a coterie of beautiful faces who represent the virility of youth – so often a theme in Cavafy’s work.

    In addition to its visual richness, the book presents new English poetic translation of Cavafy by David Connolly. This complex collaboration assures  that Shades of Love explores the lines between light and dark, youth and age, seen and unseen – illuminating thems that this poet and photographer share.

    Yeros says he is not sure what Cavafy would make of the photographs were he alive today, but Edward Albee (whose portrait also appears in the book) writes in his Foreword that he is “certain they would have pleased [him] greatly”.

    Municipal Art Gallery, Hania-Greece

    The exhibition “Beyond the real” examines the influence that the surrealist movement exercised on the Greek art scene. The show’s starting point is a work by Nikos Engonopoulos (1907-1985) entitled “The railway station”. Executed in 1936, it is among his first surrealist experiments and was included at the Venice Biennale, in 1954, which was devoted to surrealism.


    Engonopoulos, a painter and poet, enriched his surrealist paintings with clear references to the culture and history of Greece. Abolishing logic, he drew images from the subconscious creating absurd narrative stories that combine antiquity with the Byzantium, the period of the Greek Revolution, and his own epoch.


    Antoine Mayo (1905-1990), a Greek painter of the diaspora born in Egypt, was in Paris in the 1920s when surrealism flourished. There, he encountered many surrealist artists and poets, but never joined the original group. In 1929, he exhibited at the Parisian “Galerie des Quatre Chemins” with Giorgio de Chirico, founder of Italy’s “Metaphysical School of Painting”, a source of inspiration for many surrealists. Mayo was unknown in Greece prior to 1983, when he showed his paintings in Athens for the first time. Engonopoulos was left alone to face the suspicions that many Greeks felt towards André Breton’s automatic surrealist method and the bizarre images that resulted from this random process.


    In the late sixties and early seventies, a new generation of Greek artists emerged, aiming at capturing in painting a world beyond the real; possibly as a reaction to the military dictatorship that governed Greece from 1967 to 1974. 

    Alkis Ghinis, George Derpapas, Alexandros Issaris, Sarantis Karavousis, Thodoros Pantaleon, and Dimitris Yeros do not form a collective surrealist group. Rather, they are independent artists whose paintings deliberately recreate a dream-like atmosphere, reminiscent of surrealist art. Allusions to Greece consistently appear, adding a personal note to their oeuvre.

    “Beyond the real”

    29 May- 21 August 2009

    Exhibition Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-14:00, Monday-Friday 19:00-22:00.  Sunday closed.

    Tickets: 2€
    Concessions: 1€

    Photi Giovanis, Lee Hartwell and Stephen Motika Invite you to join us and celebrate the opening of our creative collaboration

    Callicoon Fine Arts & Custom Framing

    with Nightboat Books

    Saturday, May 16th 5:30 to 7:30pm

    “All Suffering Soon to End!”

    an inaugural group exhibition with artworks by:

    Susan Bee, Paul Brainard, Glen Fogel, Elise Freda, Alicia Gibson, Daniel Gordon, Anitra Haendel, Andrew Hershey, Arnold Kemp, Caroline Koebel, Elissa Levy, Jeff Marlin, Paul McMahon, Forrest Myers, Hunter Reynolds, David Scher, Carolee Schneemann, Joshua Thorson and Dimitris Yeros.

    27 Lower Main Street, Upstairs
    Callicoon, NY

    Wine generously provided by the Callicoon Wine Merchant

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    Shades Of Love - Dimitris Yeros

    Book "Shades Of Love" Out now in Greece (January 2011 for the rest of the world). Click on the image to see some excrepts from the book. Price: €60 + postage

    The book Shades of Love was in 2011 on the shortlist for the ten top books honored by the American Library Association.

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    Dimitris Yeros Photographing Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Dimitris Yeros Photographing Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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