On hearing of overpowering love
    tremble and be moved like an aesthete.
    But, content, recall what your imagination
    fashioned for you; this first;
    and then the rest - lesser things -
    that in your life you experienced and enjoyed,
    things more real and tangible.
    - Of such loves you were not deprived.


    DAYS OF 1896

    He was utterly disgraced.
    A sexual inclination of his strictly forbidden and scorned
    (innate nonetheless) was the reason:
    society was exceedingly prudish.
    He gradually lost what little money he had;
    then his standing, and his good name.
    He was nearly thirty without ever a whole year spent in work
    at least not work anyone knew.
    Sometimes he earned his living from mediations
    that were deemed shameful.
    He ended up the type with whom if seen too often,
    no doubt you’d be seriously compromised.
    But this isn’t everything. It wouldn’t be fair.
    The memory of his beautyis deserving of much more.
    For there’s another side and if seen from this
    he appears an amiable sort;
    he appears a simple and genuine child of love,
    who above honor and good name
    unquestioningly placed the pure pleasure of his pure flesh.
    Above his good name?
    For society which was exceedingly prudish
    made foolish connections.



    I sit and muse. Desires and senses
    In this crater of pure silver
    - made for the household of Heracleides,
    in which good taste prevails in abundance -
    note the elegant flowers, and streams,
    and thyme, and at the centre I have set a fair youth,
    naked, seductive; one of his legs still in the water.
    - I begged you, o memory,
    to be my prized assistant that I might fashion
    just as it was the face of the youth I loved.
    The task proved considerable
    for some fifteen years have passed
    since the day he fell, a soldier,
    in the defeat at Magnesia.


    SEPTEMBER 1903

    Let me at least fill myself with delusion now;
    that I might not feel my life empty.
    So many times I was so close.
    Yet how paralyzed, how fainthearted I was;
    why was it I remained with lips sealed;
    my empty life weeping within me,
    and my desires dressing themselves in black.
    So many times to be so close to those eyes,
    to those sensuous lips, to that perfect, beloved body.
    So many times to be so close.



    Wounded in a tavern brawl
    our friend Remon was brought to us
    last night around midnight.
    Through the window that we left wide open,
    the moon lit his handsome body on the bed.
    We’re a mixture here;
    Syrians, Greeks, Armenians, Medes.
    Such is Remon too.
    But yesterday when the moon lit his sensuous face,
    our thoughts went to Plato’s Charmides.

    Shades Of Love - Dimitris Yeros

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